Rebore and Line Bore

Micro Motor Engineering once again utilizes state-of-the-art production machines in this critical department. This enables us to ensure the highest standards of surface finishes in cylinder boring, as all machine tools used at our plant are calibrated for super block finishes. Torque plates for all blocks, other than diesel, are also utilized. When preparing the surface finish of cylinder blocks, surface milling is carried out in one operation with a powerful milling machine equipped with CBN tooling.
The milling machines used at Micro Motor Engineering are often only found in OEM workshops or production facilities. Micro Motor Engineering strictly controls all reboring operations. This ensures that cylinder wall thicknesses are acceptable and that all bore centrelines are machined perfectly accurate and precisely in keeping with the geometry and angles of the block or head being worked on. Once reboring has been completed, the cylinder walls are honed with the correct crosshatch to meet the specifications for that particular engine.

At Micro Motor Engineering we also offer a line-honing service to compliment our line-boring division. (Line-honing refers to when a block requires attention and extreme care is taken to remove the least amount of material as possible.) This reduces the likelihood of any problems developing with regard to the block height negatively influencing the required backlash.

We offer the service of line-boring aluminium heads for OHC engines, enabling seized or damaged cams and housings to be fully repaired and not replaced. Once again this displays our serious commitment and dedication to our clients.