About us

Micro Motor Engineering was established in 1963. We have since gained a vast amount of experience in the specialised field of engine remanufacturing and are now one of South Africa’s leading engine remanufacturers, producing over 2000 engines per year. We have also gained an impressive reputation for reliability, quality and integrity ever since our humble beginning, and boast a 5-star RMI rating.

At Micro Motor Engineering, we remanufacture engines and major engine components for OE vehicle manufacturers as well as for major fleet users. We are also a multi-engine remanufacturer and are capable of dealing with individual or mass production requirements. All of our clients can be assured of the highest levels of workmanship throughout our company.

Micro Motor Engineering has a dedicated factory in Johannesburg, equipped with the most advanced machining, tooling and gauging equipment available in South Africa. Our clients can depend on us to meet, and better, the ever-increasing demands of the engine remanufacturing industry. Our machining productivity for many jobs produce a 50% faster turn around time and an 80% more accurate product than what any of our competitors can offer.

All our work is done to OE specification and our quality standards – in small or large volume – are at a very competitive cost. In order to offer a wide range of related engineering, manufacturing and repair services, we provide a complete service to our clients. Our clients remain our number one priority and concern.

Micro Motor Engineering also offers our clients an engine exchange programme. We have a wide range of engines available to assist in reducing operational downtime and to control productivity. Where we do not have a particular unit in stock, we can remanufacture a client’s engine within 5 working days. We also offer a full range of pumps and injectors, as well as a full range of components, which are all available on our service exchange programme. Only OEM approved parts and components are used throughout our remanufacturing process. Our highly qualified technicians have been trained to only machine within OEM tolerances.

All our remanufactured engines come with a full warranty, comprehensive dynamometer test report, and warranty booklet, thus giving our clients the assurance that their engines are free of defects resulting from   replacement parts being used and shoddy workmanship. Our fleet of delivery vehicles collect and deliver throughout the Gauteng area. Although they follow established routes, we can redirect them via our cellular network to make emergency collections whenever needed.

Owned and run by the Loreggian brothers, together with a dedicated and experience team of staff, we have been providing service excellence to the automotive industry for over 50 years.